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Music With Yvonne

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Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Teacher
Yvonne is a great piano teacher. Her teaching style is gentle but she would also make sure her students meet the standard. I still remember at the beginning of my daughter’s lessons with her, she put a lot of patience and efforts into correctIng the old habits that my daughter had formed in previous years in terms of hand and body positions while playing piano. And this well built foundation paid off eventually and helped her progress faster later on. I also appreciate the many unique approaches she used to make students understand better, such as body exercises to release joint tension, writing a story to understand a music piece better, etc. We are very happy to see how much confidence and joy has grown in my daughter’s piano learning journey with Yvonne in the last two years. Thanks Yvonne!
Lucy L.
Yvonne has been and continues to be a wonderful and patient piano teacher for my daughter. She has learned how to recognize notes better and her rhythm has improved as well. I love the fact that Yvonne teaches on the instrument as well as the methodology behind the instrument so that my daughter is able to get a complete view of how it all works. Thank you so very much!
Tami C.
Helped me overcome obstacles of all sorts including getting better at sight reading and participating in a voluntary recital!
Marguerite C.
Adult Student