Tuition and Fees

Contact me for the most current tuition rates and associated lesson fees.


Lessons are 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length. This depends on age of the student, what level they are at, and personal preference. Students at higher levels are required to take 45 or 60 minute lessons.

The number of lessons in a month varies depending on the lesson day of the week and studio closures. Monthly tuition remains the same.

Contact the studio to discuss scheduling and trial lessons.

Tuition is due the 1st of each month. Tuition paid after the 7th of the month is assessed a $35 late fee. It is recommended to set up auto-pay to avoid any late fees. Several months tuition may also be paid in advance.


I do not send tuition reminder notices.


There are no refunds issued if a student withdraws from lessons.

Tuition can be paid by check, Google Pay, Venmo, or cash.




A materials fee of $30 is paid when lessons begin. This money goes towards books and other instructional materials for the student. When this deposit has been fully spent, materials are paid for as I purchase them for a student.


A recital fee of $15 per student or $20 per family is charged for each recital.


Students who participate in assessment programs are responsible for the registration fees for any assessments or exams.