Frequently Asked Questions

Students need either an acoustic piano or good quality full size keyboard with weighted keys. I do not accept students with toy keyboards or keyboards with non-weighted keys. Without a proper instrument students fail to make progress and quickly become frustrated.

Deciding whether to buy and acoustic or a digital piano can be a difficult decision. These links provide additional information and may help you in choosing.

You should have your piano tuned at least once a year, more frequently if more than one person is playing. If you notice that the sound has deteriorated you should also contact your piano technician. Your technician may also recommend a tuning schedule for  your instrument.


You can find a technician in your area by searching on the Piano Technicians Guild website,,

Parental support is essential to mastering any instrument. These are ways you can help your child.

  • Set aside daily practice time and ensure your child practices
  • Go over the lesson notes at every practice so your child knows what practice goals to set for that day.
  • Ask them to play their favorite piece for you
  • Have them perform a mini-recital for family and friends
  • Tell them how proud you are of their hard work

Be sure to check out the How To Practice page for tips on developing good practice habits.

Students are expected to practice a minimum of 4 days per week, in addition to their lesson.

Young beginners may only need 10-15 minutes of practice per day at first. By the end of the first year of study practice should be closer to 30 minutes per day.

By the second year of study a minimum of 30 minutes focused practice per day will ensure continued progress.

Students who practice consistently and effectively make quick progress and have much more enjoyable lessons than students who always show up unprepared.

Every student progresses at their own rate. Lessons focus on progressively building  skills and move forward as a student masters each skill.


Students who practice regularly and follow their practice notes make quick progress. Students who practice very little, or don’t work on their assignments progress very slowly. Time outside of the lesson is the largest determiner of progress.

I offer in-person, hybrid on-line/in-person lessons, and 100% on-line lessons. Check the Lesson Offered page for a description of each lesson type.