Lessons Offered

Students learn proper technique, note reading, music theory, history, improvisation, and composition as they work through progressively through a wide variety of piano repertoire. Games, activities, group lessons, and recitals help build knowledge and confidence.


Beginning students generally do well with 30 minute lessons. By the second year of study, many students are ready for 45 minute sessions. Mid-intermediate and higher level students require 60 minute lessons in order to cover all assigned material.

I offer both private and group pre-school music lessons.


Private lessons include time at the piano and off-bench activities to give the youngest learners a solid foundation before focusing on piano lessons.


Group pre-school lessons are age-appropriate and based on California Department of Education standards. These are ideal for FCC providers and play groups.

PRISMS™ Preschool Music Curriculum

PRISMS provides unique innovative musical education for non-musical educators to enlighten, elevate, and empower the musical curiosity of children from preschool to first grade.


This twelve month program is based on California Department of Education Preschool Music Foundations.

Visit www.prismspm.com to check out the PRISMS™ curriculum.